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Miter Gears & Bevel Gears


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bevel gear pin hub

Example of miter and bevel gear set.

Miter Gears and Bevel Gears

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Nordex' Design Guide PDF Page Files:

Inch (Empirical) Series

Anti Backlash Miter Gears and
Bevel Gears 48-72 Pitch Pin Hub
48 Pitch Pin Hub
48 Pitch Split Hub
64 Pitch Pin Hub
64 Pitch Split Hub
72 Pitch Pin Hub
72 Pitch Split Hub

Metric Series

1,5 Module 86 L2
1,0 Module 85 L2
0,8 Module 84 L2
0,6 Module 83 L2
0,5 Module 82 L2
0,4 Module 81 L2
0,3 Module 80 L2
miter gear pin hub set

Nordex offers Miter and Bevel Gears

with a 20 degree pressure angle AMGA quality 10 gears. To order AMGA quality 12 gears, please contact Nordex directly for pricing per set.

Broken Sets

Individual miter and bevel gears from matched sets can be ordered separately. It is important to specify which set the single gear is to fit.

  • Matched sets / Broken sets
  • Available in inch or metric sizes
  • 303 Stainless Steel
  • 2024-T4 Aluminum — chromic acid anodized and mixed sets available.

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